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University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine 1993 - 1998

Ph.D. in Biochemistry


University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science 1989 - 1993

B.Sc. Biochemistry Specialist with honours 




University Health Network 2003 - 2016

Research Associate Level II

  • Managed medical biochemistry research lab
  • Managed X-ray diffraction facilities
  • Trained postdocs, graduate, and undergraduate students
  • Designed protein expression vectors for recombinant protein production
  • Purified and analyzed recombinant proteins
  • Performed a variety of enzyme and immunological assays
  • Crystallized Fab antibody fragments and ligand-complexed enzymes
  • Determined protein structures by X-ray diffraction techniques


GlycoDesign Inc. 2000 - 2003

Research Scientist

  • Conducted advanced enzyme kinetics experiments on selected drug targets
  • Successfully completed an HTS screen of a 70000-compound library
  • Redesigned the HTS assay protocol to reduce the cost by half
  • Introduced a variety of alternative enzyme assays
  • Purified and crystallized drug target enzymes
  • Organized and chaired a committee for SAR analysis


Apotex Research Inc. 1998 - 2000

Research Scientist

  • Developed novel enzyme assays to detect cysteine protease activity
  • Designed biochemical assays for a transglutaminase enzyme
  • Determined crystal structures of cysteine protease/inhibitor complexes
  • Detailed kinetic evaluation of irreversible inhibitor compounds




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